Law & Logan Operation & Maintenance

At Law and Logan we possess the needed expertise to operate and maintain facilities in all aspects of the oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, power, manufacturing and other industrial sectors. Our operation & Maintenance Services include:

  • Plant Maintenance
  • Facility Management
  • Pre-operation planning
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Plant & Maintenance optimization
  • Operations Support
  • Asset Performance Improvement
  • Operation Readiness
  • Start up and Commissioning



In order to ensure a flawless initial startup, effective interface management between key engineering areas is critical and must be maintained throughout the life of the project.

In our many years of proven field experience, major issues are often not detected until the initial start-up of oil and gas developments, causing deferred production and consequently a lot of expensive amendment.

Law and Logan gets involved early in the design process and applies a systems-wide engineering approach that negates many of the potential issues encountered during initial start-ups to minimize cost and schedule impacts.

We have expertise in facility design, planning and execution of commissioning and start up operations, as well as being able to provide onsite technical support during commissioning activities. This enables a rapid response capability to unexpected events and the ability to transfer learning to our clients.