Public Health Engineering

A well designed water and wastewater/sewage systems are essential to a successful, healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle– at Law and Logan Engineering Company we provide our clients with expert, efficient and cost-effective services. 

We design systems for potable water supply, effluent treatment, sewage treatment, flood management and sanitation amenities that helps to promote and protect public health and the environment.
We also provide services in treatment plant Audit, upgrade and expansion of existing systems for future projection.

Law and Logan’s environmental engineers tackle diverse challenges – from Designing sustainable Plants with conformity to necessary stipulated environmental protection agencies standards for our clients.

We also provide integrated building services to ensure all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and infrastructure work together, to provide complete and efficient system.

Law & Logan - safety
Driven by performance

By thinking beyond standard solutions, we shape performance-based systems that help our clients achieve their aspirations – from stunning design to ease of installation and maintenance.

Contrary to popular culture of implementing a generic system of treatment for any cause, our Design team undergoes critical study and physicochemical analysis of raw water samples and produce a design with specifics on the requirements for conforming to environmental standards.

Responsible with resources

The design of sustainable water management systems helps save water and the energy associated with its use, from pumping to treatment to distribution. Our expertise helps clients to make better use of water and energy, and to make their buildings more resilient.

Shapers of change                                  

Law and Logan helps shape the debate on environmental engineering in professional and regulatory forums. Where we see strong potential for positive change, we assist clients in research and product development and also pursue in-house research and development.


Law and Logan Engineering provides wastewater/sewage treatment solutions for all type of applications, from domestic, commercial to industrial turnkey plants of different capacities.

We possess the expertise and personnel that make up an excellent team grounded in the technical know-how of wastewater management, this will guarantee you a cost-efficient solution, meeting your water quality requirement. Our services are stated below;

  1. Design, construct and installation of different types of wastewater plants that suit our clients’ needs and specifications giving you value for your money and no reason to worry about regulatory bodies raising fines.
  2. Consultancy services for existing systems – expansions works and improvement for efficient output.

Our clients are from diverse sectors: Educational facilities, Event Centres, Hotels, Residential buildings, Manufacturing industries and many more, requiring specific processes before reuse or discharge into the environment.


At Law and Logan Engineering, we provide excellent water treatment solutions ranging from the Conventional treatment plants, Reverse Osmosis to Industrial plant systems giving our clients top notch satisfaction. It is imperative to state that the output all our water treatment plant conform to Local and International Standards (NSDWQ/WHO)

Our services are in the areas of Design, Engineering, Construction, Installation, Maintenance and Training. We also provide consultancy services to every water challenges. We treat every problem from its grassroots proffering an efficient, reliable and sustainable system that is affordable and environment friendly.

We have succeeded in becoming a reliable, successful water and waste water treatment (sewage, effluent)  company over the years with its experienced and specialized members of staff, One of The targets of Law and Logan engineering company is to ‘‘design treatment plants with the highest quality and the lowest operation costs’’ as part of management of wastewater and water treatment.

Our cost-effective and reliable treatment systems and services ensure uninterrupted quantity and quality of water, enable regulatory and environmental compliance, increase efficiency through water reuse, and prepare customers for next-generation demands.


  •    To provide a feasible solution to the treatment of water, waste water in different locations.
  •    To provide safe, clean and good financial investment water and sewage treatment processes for collection, treatment and discharge or reuse of treated water and sewage for customer and environmental satisfaction.