Law & Logan - safetyWe recognize our responsibility to operate with proper regard for the environment and for the health and safety of people who may be affected, directly or indirectly, by our operations. Our Environmental Policy is designed to ensure that every employee shares responsibility for the environment. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we systematically monitor our performance in these areas. Our objective is to maintain a high degree of excellence in respect of all HSE issues, including emergency preparedness.

LAW AND LOGAN ENERGY AND ENGINEERING believes that effective health, safety, security and environmental (HSE) performance is a key objective, equal to all other key business objectives. An integrated HSE Management System has been established and will be maintained to achieve this:

  • Leadership and Commitment
  • Providing strong and visible leadership and commitment in HSE performance.
  • Policy and Strategic Objectives.
  • Setting policy and strategic objectives that support commitment to Compliance with all relevant statutory legislation and continuous improvement and take due account of industry codes and practices and any other requirements to which we subscribe.
  • Organization, Resource and Documentation
  • Establishing and populating a fit for purpose organizational structure for effective management of HSE and fully defining the HSE responsibilities of each function.
  • Appointing management representatives who are responsible for and have the resources to implement this policy.
  • Ensuring that all employees and contractors have adequate HSE awareness, skills and competence.
  • Selecting and Managing contractors to ensure their HSE performance meets company requirements.
  • Maintaining appropriate HSE documentation.
  • Risk Evaluation and Management
  • Identifying health, safety, environmental and security risks to people, the local biodiversity and physical assets arising from LAW AND LOGAN ENERGY AND ENGINEERING, and
  • Managing them to levels that are as low as reasonably practicable in line with our legal and other obligations and our strategy for continual improvement.


  • Planning
  • Ensures that HSE critical facilities and equipment are fit for purpose and meet defined HSE and reliability targets.
  • Controlling our activities and operations through the use of documented procedures and practices.
  • Managing changes in people plant and processes to avoid adverse HSE consequences.
    • Maintaining emergency preparedness to manage the response to mitigate the effect of and facilitate recovery from unplanned events.
    • Monitoring and Implementation
    • Monitoring HSE performance to determine compliance and keeping records in support of the HSE Management System.
    • Recording areas of non-compliance and addressing these through corrective actions.
    • Open reporting and investigation of all HSE related incidents.
    • Audit and Review
    • All documented policies, procedures and practices will be consistent with this Policy and with the requirements of the HSE Management System. It is the responsibility of every employee to comply with these and to assist the Company in their implementation.

    Our objective is simple: To impact and contribute to the communities in which we operate and beyond, in the most positive way possible.

    At Law and Logan we believe that corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a prerequisite to the long term sustainability of our organization. Much of our CSR activities are centred on Education, Healthcare and public infrastructure development.

    • Education
    • We encourage hard work and academic excellence in our higher institutions through attractive offers of scholarships to students.
    • We provide Computers, books and other learning materials to selected public schools in order to enhance the standard of education in the country to ensure a better future for our children.
    • We provide Industrial training placements for Undergraduates. This enables students to gain hands on experience on what they have learned at school and also to enhance their learning during the process and future career potentials.
    • Health Care
    • We provide portable water to communities in order to reduce/eliminate the incidence of water borne diseases.
    • We support the government in making quality health care available to host communities we operate.
    • Public Infrastructure development
    • Renovating of public schools and equipping it with books to ensure good learning environment for the pupils.
    • We provide boreholes and decent toilet facilities to our host communities were we operate to reduce the incidence of diseases.

    We also engage in Renovating and repainting of Police stations within our host communities to encourage the officers in doing their job